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Java RPG Chat Interface (JRCI)  v.1.0

JRCI will provide a chat interface that is heavily configured to be convenient for RPGs. It will not implement any particular game system, but will provide the tools necessary to play traditional games online.

Maxa Skype Notifier  v.1.0

Maxa Skype Notifier 1.0 offers you a professional and highly-efficient chat and instant messaging application. Why is MAXA-Skype-Notifier useful? Skype will provide you with a visual notification, according to your settings. However, if you are not

SAM tools  v.0.1.18

SAM (Sequence Alignment/Map) is a flexible generic format for storing nucleotide sequence alignment. SAM tools provide efficient utilities on manipulating alignments in the SAM

Moodle Chat Module for123 Flash Chat  v.7.6

With the help of Moodle Chat Module, integrating Moodle with 123 Flash Chat Server Software seamlessly, easily & securely. Features of Free Moodle Chat of 123 Flash Chat: 1) Auto-login, 2) Free Integration: 123 Flash Chat offers free integration

VBulletin Chat Addon for123 Flash Chat  v.4.0

FREE vBulletin Chat Addon for 123 Flash Chat Room Software used to integrate vBulletin / VBB forum with the Online Video Chat Solution is free, and with the vBulletin / VBB Chat Addon, webmasters could add a free live chat room in his website

Xoops Chat Module for 123 Flash Chat  v.2.4.2

Overview the Xoops Chat Module for 123 Flash Chat Software: With the 123 Flash Chat Module for Xoops, Xoops owners will be assists to add a live chat room into Xoops website. Benefit of the seamless integration Xoops with 123 Flash Chat

ThrashIRC  v.2.6

ThrashIRC is an IRC client for Windows operating systems designed for online chat in IRC chat rooms. ThrashIRC is also great for IRC downloads and searching for IRC channels. ThrashIRC chat software enables you to find and stay connected with groups

Provide Live Help  v.2.2.1

Provide Live Help will help you chat with your website visitors, enabling you to give instant online customer support and pro-actively sell your product. Our desktop Chat application instantly notifies you of new chat requests, no need to keep your

BigSpeed Video Chat SDK  v.2.4

Client/Server components for private video chat and instant messaging. Sample applications are included in Visual Basic 2005 and Delphi 7.

Anarchy Online Chat Project  v.1.0

The AO Chat Projects goal is to create an efficient and robust library for the chat protocol used in Funcoms Anarchy Online MMORPG. This includes the lowest level of C libraries, to GUI/TUI chat clients, to database integrated bot daemons with

Secure Multi-Party Chat Environment  v.1.0

The Secure Multi-Party Chat Environment, though not based on Internet Relay Chat, bares many similarities. However, it is designed to be secure, robust, and provide finer levels of control than IRC's OP/not-op.

Flash Chat  v.1.0

An efficient flash based web chat application that supports major flash servers like Red5 and FMS. Provides a feature rich user friendly interface for flash text chat with audio and video conference.An efficient flash based web chat application.

GWT Agent Support Chat  v.1.1.beta

An implementation of an enterprise grade support agent chat system where users can login and chat with a support agent. This project aims to provide a clean and secure generic implementation to attempt to satisfy all use cases.

Provide Live Help for Windows  v.2.2.1

Provide Live Help Software is a State of the Art Live Support Chat Software that enables you to chat with your visitors on your website.

MIE Chat Software  v.2

MIE Chat supports business communication and collaboration.

Solixa Chat Service  v.5.9.9

Solixa Chat Software Fully Customizable Chat Solution.. Solixa utilizes its very own special Solixa Protocol which is faster and can handle much larger amounts of data.

LanToucher Network Chat  v.1.0b3

LanToucher Network Chat is small and easy-to-use chat software for your small office or home LAN (Local Area Network). Serverless (P2P) messaging; No dedicated server or Internet connection is required.

Split Video for Video Chat  v.1.19

Split Video for Video Chat and Video Conference Capture Driver allows you to easily multiply your web-camera video in any conferensing software like Aol, Aim, ICQ, Yahoo, MSN, Skype, Camfrog, e.t.c.

CamSplitter For Video Chat  v.2.03

CamSplitter Virtual Webcamera Splitter and Video Chat Splitter Capture Driver allows you to easily multiply your web-camera video in any conferensing software like Aol, Aim, ICQ, Yahoo, MSN, Skype, Camfrog, e.t.c.

Video Chat Cloner (send video file like camera)  v.2.49

Split Video Chat Software allows you to easily multiply your web-camera (any models), video cameras ( any model: analog or ditial any other video source in video chat or video conference software like ICQ, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, Skype Video

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